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What is folklore by taylor swift about

What is folklore by taylor swift about
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Anti-hero'' what it is about

On July 23, 2020, Swift revealed the Folklore track listing, where "The 1" took the top spot, and released the album on July 24, 2020. "The 1" was sent to German contemporary hit radio stations as a single on October 9, 2020.[2] "The 1" was released on October 9, 2020.

"The" 1 has been described as a slow, danceable track, with Vox's Allegra Frank calling it a "grey sky ride through [Swift's] day to day life."[3] The song is driven by a "dripping" piano, supported by a bouncy arrangement of percussion, electronic accents and orchestrations. Lyrically, written from the perspective of a friend, "The 1" sees the narrator describing their optimistic mental space, positively recalling a past love, confessing they wish they had been soul mates, with an underlying sense of humor juxtaposed with sadness.[4][3][3][5][1] The song is written in the key of C major and has a fast tempo of 140 beats per minute.[6] Swift's vocal range in the song extends from G3 to C5.[7]

Folklore taylor swift

On July 23, 2020, Swift announced that her eighth studio album, Folklore, would be released at midnight and revealed its track listing, where "Seven" ranked seventh. In the handbook leading up to the release, Swift showed imagery of several songs, explaining that "Seven" was the "tree swing in the forest of my childhood," with "hushed tones of let's run away and never do it." [3] Lyric videos for each song on the album were released on Swift's YouTube channel; "Seven" garnered over 10.7 million views as of August 2021.[4] The song was also included on Folklore: The Escapism Chapter and Folklore: The Saltbox House Chapter, Swift's streaming compilations released on August 21[5] and August 27, 2020[6] respectively.

  Awards won by taylor swift folklore

Rebecca Karpen of PopMatters described the song as "heartbreaking" and found its narrative "harrowing", with a young Swift not understanding her friend's abuse, stating that it made her "cry in the middle of 4th Avenue in broad daylight."[8] Jon Caramanica of The New York Times described the song as "intriguing" with the "ethereally brilliant" vocals and experimentation with tonal variation. [20] Rolling Stone's (magazine) review by Rob Sheffield approved of Swift's departure from her traditional autobiographical storytelling, favoring in "letting these characters tell their own stories". [9] Sheffield ranked it as the 19th best song in Swift's catalog at the time (out of 173 in total), praising the "mystery that gets more confusing, she (sic) tries to live with that."[21] Katherine Rodgers of The Quietus said that Swift's "fluttery voice struggled to master several finicky layers of intricate melody."[22]

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Taylor swift folklore awards

The ex-couple, has shown that they have overcome all the grudges and bad memories by giving each other a nice hug or watching how Taylor stood up to applaud Styles' performance during the gala.

The relationship ended just a few weeks later in early 2013. Apparently, Taylor discovered that Harry had been unfaithful to her through a photograph in which he appeared kissing another girl.

During the promotion of the single Two Ghosts, Harry did an interview on a BBC radio show, hosted by Nick "Grimmy" Grimshaw, where he asked him directly about the rumors that the song was dedicated to Taylor Swift.

In this talk, he acknowledged that he was flattered that Taylor had written several songs for him: "I think about what it means to write a song about someone else to me and what it can mean to someone else and I think it's a really flattering thing".

Why taylor swift's album is called folklore

It is clear that Taylor Swift is the artist of the decade and at the end of July she revealed the surprise of a new album. "Folklore" is the singer's most intimate and personal album, written and recorded during her forties in collaboration with Aaron Dessner of The National and producer Jack Antonoff.

  Cd taylor swift folklore

In fact, each of the songs has a deep and poetic story told in the documentary "Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions". Here we have all the information about Folklore: The Story Behind Taylor Swift's Album.

Betty & James the characters of "Folklore" The rights of this image do not belong to mav magazine ( and

Folklore tells the love story of Betty & James who according to Taylor end up together on this album. Unlike her past albums, "Folklore" stops being autobiographical and becomes a different journey in each of the lyrics of these songs.

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